2018 didn’t happen by mistake.  this yea

Kat Somers is a performing artist, singer/songwriter and self-taught music producer with compositions from indie soft pop and acoustic pop.

Kat got her start playing music on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia at the age of 15. Now, at 24, she has played over 60 live shows in just over a year, taught herself to produce music, and has self released her debut EP "Bloom" which was preceded by two singles, "Ghosts" and "Jump In." Kat promises to continue delightfully surprising her fans, developing and growing in her sound with each release. 

Kat Somers lives and breathes through her lyrics fueled by her desire to feel more connected to others. Music has been an extremely powerful outlet as Kat has grown to understand and live with her anxiety and depression. Kat's main goal in sharing her music has always been to connect with others in hopes that listeners will feel less alone.  In her live performances she encourages her audience to engage with her, taking in an experience together in hopes to comfort and connect audience members.  Every show is brand new.  

Kat Somers